Addiction recovery in New Hampshire is not a simple matter. No matter your specific addiction, whether it’s drugs or alcohol, a lot can go wrong and you can NOT rush the process. Luckily, being aware of some of the things that can ruin your substance abuse recovery can help you make sure that you avoid them. Keep reading to learn 12 things that can mess up your addiction recovery in New Hampshire.

12 Things That Can Mess Up Your Addiction Recovery in New Hampshire

  1. Believing that an addiction to one substance is the problem.
  2. Believing that sobriety will fix everything.
  3. Pursuing your recovery with less energy than your addiction.
  4. Only being selectively honest.
  5. Feeling that relapses could never happen to you.
  6. Not making amends with your wrongs.
  7. Using your recovery program to try to become perfect in every single way.
  8. Confusing self-concern with selfishness. They ARE different.
  9. Playing futile self-improvement games (i.e. congratulating yourself for going to meetings and thinking that now you don’t need to complete the steps).
  10. No getting help with your relationship troubles. On the journey towards sobriety, you need all the support you can get.
  11. Believing that life should be easy.
  12. Using the program to handle everything.

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