1 in every 8 Americans has a problem with addiction. Addiction is a dangerous disease that not only affects the users but everyone involved in their life.  If you or a loved one are currently suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s essential to seek addiction treatment in Massachusetts. Don’t believe in the seriousness of addiction? Then keep reading to learn about all the science behind it.

The Science of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is not a choice. Rather, it is a psychological and dependence on a substance. The strength and length of the addiction have to do with how long the addict has been using, the amounts, and how often it is consumed. Addicts are unable to refrain and control their cravings, causing them to become unaware of their problems, behaviors, emotions, and even their relationships with others. While everyone is different, addictions often stem from a wide variety of factors such as genetics, environment, age, etc.

Whenever an addict consumes a drug, the substance crosses over into the blood-brain barrier and results in temporarily altering the brain. Drugs affect the brain by accessing the communication system and then altering the way the brain’s nerve cells send, get, and interpret information. While different drugs do different sorts of damage to different parts of the body, long-term drug abuse and addiction can lead to brain damage, cardiovascular disease, lung, disease, mental disorders, cancer, stroke, and more.

stop bad side effects by seeking addiction treatment in massachusetts

Where Can I Get Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts? 

If you are looking for the best addiction treatment in Massachusetts, or would just like to learn more, contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center today.

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