Do you think that your partner might have a drug or alcohol addiction? Then keep reading for some tell-tale signs so that you can help them seek addiction treatment in New Hampshire.

9 Signs Your Partner Should Seek Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

  1. Bloodshot eyes or changes in pupil size, which can be caused by either drugs or alcohol.
  2. Frequent nose bleeds or chronic, unexplained sniffling from snorting a substance.
  3. Finding drug paraphernalia or empty beer, wine, or liquor bottles in the trash or hiding places.
  4. A sudden engagement in secretive or suspicious behavior. They may even lock themselves in a room for long periods of time or appear very private in their actions or intentions.
  5. Diminished interest in hobbies or social activities, not because they no longer enjoy these things, but because the substance is now the object of attention.
  6. A sudden reduction in motivational levels to go to work, attend school, or aspire toward life goals.
  7. Difficulty paying attention to a single topic or carrying on an intellectual conversation.
  8. Some people respond to substances by becoming paranoid, which is an irrational fear or worry that does not subside.
  9. Partners who know they have a substance abuse problem may become defensive when asked about it. 

If your partner is exhibiting any of the above warning signs, the may have a substance abuse problem. Help them seek addiction treatment in New Hampshire at New England Recovery and Wellness Center. Contact our addiction specialists to learn more about how we can help both you and your partner today.

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