If your partner, friend, or family member is suffering from an addiction, your greatest desire is to help them get the help they need. However, convincing someone to get help and seek addiction treatment in New Hampshire can be difficult. What even is the best way to talk to a loved one about their addiction? Keep reading to find out.

How to Talk to a Loved One About Addiction


It’s often helpful to talk to another partner, friend, or family member, especially when dealing with a teen or young adult who is suffering from an addiction. Preparing a conversation with them beforehand can help everyone work together to provide a united approach.

Set Aside Emotions

It’s essential to try your best to approach this difficult conversation with your feelings set aside. Showing any angry or judgmental emotions will only cause your loved one to get defensive.

Be Direct

The power of being direct cannot be understated. A direct approach makes it clear that others are aware of their addiction and want to help them seek treatment. Being direct puts the problem out in the open, leading the way to conversation.


Placing boundaries and consequences during the conversation is crucial, specifically if a teen is involved. However, always remember to remain calm and come from a place of love throughout the conversation, even when talking about boundaries and consequences.

Help Your Loved One Seek Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire Today

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