Drug addiction is a multifaceted phenomenon that consists of 4 stages. What are the stages of drug addiction? And, where can you or a loved one seek addiction treatment in NH? Keep reading to find out.

Stage 1: Drug Experimentation

Drug experimentation is the use of illicit or mood-altering drugs at any time to try out its effects. While experimenting isn’t technically abuse, just one instant of experimentation can lead to dire consequences.

Stage 2: Social Drug Use

Social drug use is taking drugs or a combination of drugs in social situations or for social reasons. During this stage, it is also considered drug abuse if the drugs cause any harm to the user or other. It’s important to note that using drugs socially often leads to further and elevated use.

Stage 3: Problem Use

The tell-tale feature of problem use is the presence of any dysfunction that is related to the person’s use of drugs such as any interference with their health, occupational, or social functioning. Problem use may or may not involve a physiologic dependence or tolerance. 

Stage 4: Addiction 

If they continue to use drugs, the person may enter the addiction stage. Addiction is a disease in which the drugs have caused changes in the user’s mind, body, and behavior. People who are addicted to drugs are unable to control their substance use, regardless of the negative consequences that continue to occur.

Receive Addiction Treatment in NH Today

No matter what stage of drug addiction you are currently at, we can help. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center today to receive addiction treatment.

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