Are You Enabling Your Child’s Addiction?

Introduction Parents will go to the end of the world to help their kids. It’s incredible, really. But there are times where “helping” them is ending them. We aren’t being dramatic, just factual. One of these times is with addiction. There is a thin line between helping an addict and enabling them. It is this […]

Drug Overdose Due to Coronavirus – Is It Rising in New England?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly challenging for people all over the world. With so many parts of their lives essentially shut down, people were left to fight their mental health and addiction struggles on their own. Drug and alcohol treatment was either unavailable or only accessible online. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) […]

Drugged Driving Vs. Drunk Driving

For as long as I can remember, I have heard about drunk driving and how terrible and dangerous it is. But what about drugged driving? Is drugged driving as bad as drunk driving? I have met many people who are under the impression that driving while under the influence of certain drugs is somehow less […]

Addiction Treatment In Rural Areas

Finding affordable and accessible substance abuse and addiction treatment is difficult no matter where you live. Living in a major city means you probably have many options for treatment, but what do you do if you live in a more secluded, rural area?  In order to access substance abuse and addiction treatment while living in […]

Forgiveness After Addiction

  Forgiveness After Addiction Drug addiction is a lifelong journey that has many pitfalls. Some addicts start taking a drug to relieve painful symptoms from a physical injury and eventually become addicted. Others turn to drugs to numb emotional pain. Alcohol can be a little trickier because it’s such a big part of everyday life […]

Adventure Therapy and Recovery

RAW earnestly integrates holistic programming into our clients’ care. We are proud to partner with Thrive Outdoors, whose founder Jake King holds twice-weekly groups at our facility  (and well outside our grounds on weekends). Jake sat with RAW to explain his program and to share his infectious enthusiasm for life in spite of struggle.   […]

My Name is Laurie, and I am an Enabler

The following blog piece was written by Laurie Kesaris,  the mother of one of our founders, Sam Kesaris. We are all proud to say that Sam is still clean and sober and just celebrated 7 years in April of this year.   When you are the parent of an addict there are so many 3:00 am […]

Recovery and Service

Addiction is a very selfish and self-seeking disease. It creates the illusion that the world revolves around the person in active addiction, and blinds them to the fact that nothing could be further from the truth. I say this because I was that addict for nearly a decade, and this was undoubtedly my truth This […]

Staying Strong: Fitness and Recovery

We’ve been told in various ways as we grew up that exercise is healthy for us. From playing outside as a kid, to lifting weights at a local gym, exercise seems to take form in the lives of many Americans. From personal experience, we know that physical movement is helpful for the body. The mind-body […]