The Growing Relationship Between Kids and Alcohol

  The drinking culture in our country has changed throughout the last decade. Drinking during parties to become drunk has become appealing to children at younger ages than before. People drink for many different reasons and not everyone who enjoys a drink here and there is an alcoholic. It is, however, a concerning idea to think […]

Kids and Drugs: Why Do they Do It?

We’re seeing kids become drug abusers at very young ages lately. It’s a scary thing to watch someone you love become attached to drugs and alcohol. But, when it’s your child it’s even harder to come to terms with. Their physical and mental health is your top concern and substance abuse is certainly not the […]

Buprenorphine Treatment for Pregnant Women Struggling with an Opiate Addiction

opiate addiction

With opiate addiction being so prevalent in America, it’s no surprise that many pregnant women also find themselves addicted to opioids and opiates. Studies show that approximately 13% of pregnant women in America abuse illicit substances during their pregnancy. Of those people, opiates, like heroin, morphine and prescription drugs, are the drug of choice for […]

A Little Love Goes A Long Way In Treating Family Addiction

       The unconditional love a mother feels for her child knows no bounds. This type of love is so pure, so powerful, and so unshakeable–it’s been shown to literally transcend the deadly destructiveness of addiction disease. Alcoholism and drug addiction is officially categorized in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as Alcohol […]

8 Dysfunctional Family Roles in Addiction

Addiction is a family disease. And much like addiction itself, the resultant family dysfunction quite often operates in a cycle. The addict’s behavior affects the rest of the family in various ways and, as they respond with a wide range of coping mechanisms, their reactive behaviors influence that of the addict or alcoholic. The manifestation […]

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Addiction

Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs for short, are often used as a measure of resilience. Those who suffer greater trauma in their childhoods are at higher risk of suffering numerous difficulties in later life. These include substance use disorder, high-risk sexual behaviors, sleep disturbances, depressive episodes and attempted suicide. One 2016 study even suggests that […]

Drug Rehab in Massachusetts | How to Identify Drug Paraphernalia

what is the best heroin rehab in new hampshire for my teen

One of the most important parts of understanding teenage drug abuse is understanding drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia is the items that teens use to hide or consume drugs. You may find these items in your child’s bedroom, car, or backpack, but it’s important to know what they are. Being able to identify drug paraphernalia will […]

Addiction Treatment in NH | Is My Teenager on Drugs?

what are some signs that my teen needs addiction treatment in nh

Did you know that the average age for a first-time drug user is 13? It’s true. As a result, if you have a teenager, it’s important to know what your teen is up to. Keep reading to learn some tell-tale signs that they’re abusing drugs so that you can help them seek addiction treatment in […]