Catering to Gender Differences in Rehab for Opiate Addiction

Rehab for Opiate Addiction

Rehab for opiate addiction is becoming more and more common, as an opioid epidemic sweeps across America. The opioid epidemic is incredibly dangerous. Not only are opioids addictive, but they are the direct cause of about 115 overdose deaths that happen on a daily basis. These illicit drugs easily enter the brain and wreak havoc […]

Spotlight on Staff: Introducing RAW’s New Medical Director

Here at New England RAW, we take great pride in our deeply experienced and passionately caring staff. Our clients deserve nothing but the best in treatment, and we seek to provide professionals who can deliver just that. Former staff psychiatrist and new Medical Director Dr. Daniel Shreeve is no exception. In an effort to provide […]

Meet the Team: Jake King of Thrive Outdoors

RAW earnestly integrates holistic programming into our clients’ care. We are proud to partner with Thrive Outdoors, whose founder Jake King holds twice-weekly groups at our facility  (and well outside our grounds on weekends). Jake sat with RAW to explain his program and to share his infectious enthusiasm for life in spite of struggle. (Editor’s […]

Meet the Team: Josh New, Clinical Director

RAW sat with its Clinical Director Josh New to talk about his role, his life, and his passion heading into a brand new year of helping people into recovery. (Editor’s note: We are enormously blessed to have this man in our lives.) RAW: Tell me about your clinical background. Josh New: I had been sober probably […]

The 27 Club: Tragic Stories of Addiction

Music buffs are likely familiar with the 27 Club. Rather than an actual “club,” this name refers to the belief that a statistically abnormal number of musicians die at the age of 27. In many cases, their death relates to substance abuse. Some cases also involve violent means of death, such as suicide or even […]

Discovering Our Triggers Before It’s Too Late

A friend of ours recently suffered a relapse after a fair amount of time in sobriety. This man, who very much enjoyed his life in sobriety, got the idea to drink one day. He wasn’t thinking about the impending consequences, or whether or not he could control it. In fact, he wasn’t thinking at all. […]