When it comes to recovering from a substance abuse problem at drug rehab centers in New Hampshire, it can be immensely helpful to encourage self-care, positive values, self-worth, and to seek support from others. To help you out, we listed out the ABC’s of recovering from drug addiction, with each letter promoting hope, personal growth, and recovery.

The ABC’s of Recovering from Drug Addiction

A is for asking for help.

B is for bravery.

C is for choosing life.

D is for dawn after darkness.

E is for eating healthy.

F is for freedom.

G is for gaining back your health.

H is for hope.

I is for it is possible.

J is for just one step at a time.

K is for knowing you are enough.

L is for loving yourself.

M is for managing urges.

N is for nurturing your body.

O is for opening up.

P is for positive thinking.

Q is for quiet meditation.

R is for recovery.

S is for strength.

T is for talking.

U is for understanding.

V is for valuing yourself.

W is for worth it.

X is for experiencing emotions.

Y is for you can do this.

Z is for catching your ZZZs (sleep).


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