Most addictive drugs activate your brain’s pleasure center, which is why they are addictive in the first place. However, this pleasure comes with dire consequences. Keep reading to learn about the direct consequences that drugs can have on your brain. Then, avoid these consequences by contacting our drug rehab in Connecticut.

5 Consequences of Drugs on Your Brain

  1. Over time, drugs change the brain’s wiring and become less pleasurable. Furthermore, areas of the brain involved in decision making, learning, memory, sleep, emotion, and self-control are all affected and damaged by drugs. This rewiring and damage have even been linked to lower IQs in teens and adults.
  2. Drugs can affect the user’s coordination and impair their ability to play sports or even drive, which can lead to self-harm or cause harm to others.
  3. Abusing certain drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, steroids, or prescription stimulants can cause hostility, anxiety, and paranoia.
  4. Some drugs can make it hard to remember what you just said or did. They can even cause a “blackout”, which is when the user can’t remember key details of a specific event or the event itself.
  5. Drug addiction is a brain disease. As a result, once someone becomes addicted to drugs, they may not be able to stop using, even when they really want to. Luckily, addictions can be treated and managed at drug rehabs. 

Get Help at Our Drug Rehab in Connecticut Today

Don’t let drugs wreck havoc on your brain. Begin your journey towards sobriety at our drug rehab in Connecticut. Here at New England Recovery and Wellness Center, our addiction professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best recovery experience possible. Contact us for immediate assistance today.

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