If you think your drug habit isn’t a problem, it’s time to think again. Drug habits can quickly become drug addictions, and drug addictions ruin lives. When exactly do habits become addictions? Keep reading to find out. Then, if you have a harmful habit or addiction, contact our drug rehab in Connecticut begin the journey to rebuild a healthy and sober life.

The Journey from Drug Habit to Drug Addiction

As time goes on, a simple habit of using a drug after work can “rewire” your brain. This makes your brain think that the dangerous substance is actually necessary and beneficial to make it through certain situations or even the entire day. While the specific changes in your brain depend on the specific drug, generally, drugs affect the “reward circuits”, or dopamine levels, that tell the brain when something feels good. In fact, addictive drugs can release up to ten times more dopamine than natural rewards. As a result, these changes can make things that normally bring your pleasure seem less enjoyable, reinforcing the need to use the addictive drug.  Soon, you will be unable to cope without your drug of choice. At this time, your habit is officially an addiction.

Kick Your Drug Habit at Our Drug Rehab in Connecticut Today

Stop your drug habit before it turns into a drug addiction by seeking help from a drug rehab in Connecticut. Here at New England Recovery and Wellness Center, our team is dedicated to providing you with a treatment and recovery experience tailored to your individual needs. Contact our experienced addiction professionals today.

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