For people struggling with a substance abuse problem, successfully completing drug rehab in Massachusetts is just the beginning. This is because it is common for previous addicts to fall back into destructive patterns while working towards clean living. Also known as a drug relapse, there are numerous different reasons and factors that cause addicts to start using again. Luckily, no matter the reason behind a mental, physical, or emotional drug relapse, there are things that can be done to prevent it. Keep reading to learn how to prevent a substance abuse relapse after rehab.

Preventing a Substance Abuse Relapse After Drug Rehab in Massachusetts

How to Prevent a Mental Relapse

  • Create a busy and healthy schedule
  • Take your new sober lifestyle one day at a time
  • Avoid situations when you find yourself bored

How to Prevent a Physical Relapse

  • Make sure that you receive quality detox
  • Continue taking any recommended medications
  • Flush your body clear of drugs, making sure that no remnant particles remain

How to Prevent an Emotional Relapse

  • Step away from any negative situations
  • Recall all of the negatives that result from drug abuse
  • Fight off triggers with tactics that you have learned in rehab
  • Reward yourself for good behavior by eating a healthy meal

If you’re looking for more help to prevent a substance abuse relapse, you can find it at our drug rehab in Massachusetts. Here at New England Recovery and Wellness Center, we understand all of the challenges that come with sobriety and will help you on your road to recovery. Contact our team for immediate assistance today.

avoid relapse at a drug rehab in Massachusetts

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