If you’ve recently experienced a relapse, take a deep breath. While you may be experiencing a lot of fear and guilt, know that relapses happen. A relapse after seeking help from a drug rehab in New England does not need to mark the end of your journey towards sobriety. Start regaining control of your life and sobriety by asking yourself these 5 questions after a relapse.

What Triggered the Relapse?

Once you recognize and understand the triggers that caused you to relapse, you can take the steps to avoid similar situations in the future.

How Will I Handle Challenges in the Future? 

A specific plan on how to handle future challenges will help you be better equipped to resist future temptations.

Why Do I Want to Be Sober?

After a relapse, it’s important to remember and reconnect with all of your personal motivations to be sober. Create a written copy of your reasons for choosing sobriety and place them somewhere that you will see them every day.

Was This a Setback or a Full-Blown Relapse?

It’s important to fully understand the depth of your relapse. Be honest with yourself about where you are on your road to recovery. Don’t try to rush things.

Do I Need to Return to a Drug Rehab in New England?

If you’re exhibiting patterns of addictive behavior, it may be a good idea to return to a drug rehab in New England. Contact our experienced team at New England Recovery and Wellness for immediate assistance today.

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