Methamphetamine, also known simply as meth, is a psychostimulant of the phenethylamine and amphetamine class of psychoactive drugs. It’s important to note that meth is extremely addictive, with many meth abusers going through the same cycle before seeking help at a drug rehab in New England. Keep reading to learn about the phases you will likely go through as a meth addict, and the harsher side effect that comes with increased abuse.

Non-Meth User

When you don’t use meth, your body functions are typically normal and your mental condition is healthy.

Occasional Meth User

You begin to experience an increased heart rate and metabolism, releasing adrenaline throughout your body. 

Short-Term Meth User

Once you become a short-term meth user, you begin to experience a false sense of well-being; convulsions, twitching and jerking; aggressive behavior; increased heart rate and muscle tensions; and teeth grinding and loss.

Long-Term Meth User

As your meth usage becomes long-term, you will begin to experience even harsher side effects, such as malnutrition, liver damage, brain damage, severe weight loss, fatal kidney and lung disorders, insomnia, and permanent psychological problems.

Habitual Meth User

Once you become a habitual meth user, you will have all of the previously mentioned side effects and are at greater risk of lowered resistance to illnesses, strokes, comas, and even death.

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No matter what stage you are, our drug rehab in New England can help you beat your meth addiction. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness to begin your journey towards sobriety today.

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