Are you ready to get sober at a drug rehab near Boston? Then it’s time to learn the stages of recovery so you will know what to expect and increase your chances of success. What are the 5 stages of recovery? Keep reading to find out.

Stage 1: Recovery Contemplation (Pre-Abstinence) 

During this stage, you acknowledge that there is a problem and begin to consider reaching out for help to recover from your addiction.

Stage 2: Detox and Early Abstinence (0 to 2-3 Months)

This stage begins as soon as you actually stop using your drug of choice. This stage is extremely difficult and characterized by your body’s detoxification of mind and mood altering substances. This is also the time when your body begins to heal itself and return to homeostasis.

Stage 3: Treatment and Early Recovery (2-3 Months to 1 Year)

Stage 3 typically starts as soon as you enter a drug rehab program or therapy. It typically consists of intensive self-examination combined with clinical support to help you identify and expose the underlying issues that manifested into your addiction.

Stage 4: Active Recovery & Maintenance (1 Year to 5 Years)

As soon as you come to terms with your issues and accept that the work for sobriety will continue throughout the remainder of your life, this stage begins. You will have completed extensive self-work and begun a complete transformation of your life while continuing to learn new ways to cope and protect yourself against relapse.

Stage 5: Advanced Recovery (5 Years and Beyond)

Advanced recovery occurs after at least 5 years of sobriety.  The tools that you use to stay sober have become second nature to you and you use them every day without even realizing it. You are extremely comfortable in your new identity.

Begin Your Journey Towards Sobriety at Our Drug Rehab Near Boston

Recovering from a drug addiction at a drug is no easy process, but it’s definitely worth it. Begin your journey towards sobriety at our drug rehab near Boston. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center today to learn more.

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