Anyone who’s currently in, or has been to, a drug rehab near Boston knows a thing or two about cravings. In order to avoid relapse, it’s essential never to give into these powerful desires. How can you resist these cravings? Keep reading to learn some fun and healthy ways to cope with drug cravings.

33 Fun Ways to Cope with Drug Cravings

  1. Call a friend
  2. Do a good deed
  3. Eat a good breakfast
  4. Make a new friend
  5. Drink herbal tea
  6. Laugh at something you did
  7. Take a deep breath
  8. Massage your temples
  9. Change your daily routine
  10. Work out at the gym
  11. Strike up a conversation
  12. Take a nape
  13. Take a long bath
  14. Renew an old friendship
  15. Hug someone you love
  16. Chew on sugarless gum
  17. Roll your shoulders up and around in a circular motion
  18. Practice laughing at loud
  19. Write a letter
  20. Practice yoga
  21. Doodle
  22. Read something funny
  23. Run around the block
  24. Take a leisurely stroll
  25. Give yourself a foot massage
  26. Give someone else a foot massage
  27. Plan a vacation
  28. Paint a peaceful scene in your imagination
  29. Meditate
  30. Reward yourself for each hurdle you overcome
  31. Do one thing at a time
  32. Ask for help
  33. Smile

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