You did it! You made the choice to go to alcohol or drug rehab. You’re on the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Going to a treatment center is an amazing choice. Recovery programs are shown to be very successful. As an addict or alcoholic, it does take some getting used to though. Alcohol detox can be physically and mentally draining until you get used to it. You might feel lonely for the first few days because let’s face it- you probably won’t know anyone around you. You’re cut off from your loved ones, social media, and the outside world altogether.  That can throw you for a spin. You’ve also said goodbye to something you’re attached to- your alcohol or drug of choice. Drug and alcohol dependence has kept you sick for a very long time, even though it felt like your best friend.

[su_frame][su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#b12c2c”]Many recovery centers insist you turn your phones in for your own good, especially if there are warning signs of wanting to self-destruct. The best thing you can do for yourself as you embark on this journey is to build connections with people around you in abuse treatment. These connections can be with other people or even with a higher power.  Whether they are alcohol abusers, drug abusers or addiction counselors, the people around you will make you feel good. Here are some tips to build strong connections during your time in drug and alcohol rehab.[/su_highlight][/su_frame]

Think About Why You’re In Addiction Treatment Aside From Drugs and Alcohol

It’s going to be really overwhelming to only talk about drugs and alcohol the entire time you’re in rehab. Have you ever heard of a dual diagnosis? It’s not so obvious for everyone. But, most of the time when someone is addicted to alcohol and drugs, they also have a mental illness. That being said, you’re not going to want to talk about drugs and alcohol the entire time you’re there. You need to delve into why you used and tackle the mental illness side of addiction.

While addiction recovery is the main goal of being at a treatment center, it’s best to take away more from it, like new friends. Addicts or alcoholics understand you better than anyone else. To make new friends that suit who you are, you’ll want to make sure you have a handle on who you are. Think about what makes you authentic. What makes you the amazing and unique person that you are? How have you changed from before you came to drug rehab? What lead you to substance abuse?

When you get to the root of why you’re in rehab, it’s really not because of alcohol and drug abuse. It’s because of why you felt the need to self-medicate all the time.

alcohol abuse and drug program

It’s about the coping skills that you lack when you’re going through something. Something in your brain has become attached to dealing with pain by pushing it away. You push it away through substance abuse. So, in order to really make connections with people who are also struggling, really think about what you have been through. This way, you can talk about it in the right way and become as vulnerable as possible. This vulnerability will create amazing friendships, especially in alcohol detox when you’ll go to alcoholics anonymous meetings. Maybe your loved ones haven’t been supportive of you. Or perhaps you had a really traumatic experience occur in the past. Recognize the feelings that lead to the addiction, because the addiction is what lead you to drug rehab.

     Have you felt judged by those around you? Have you been hiding the warning signs of your addiction because you’re scared? Are you craving some kind of base in your life that you did not get? Does substance abuse fill a void? It’s okay to answer these tough questions. Let yourself get to know yourself better. Do some self-exploration. That way, you can build meaningful connections. You will be able to open up to people more comfortably. You can pray for the things you really want to change. You can meditate those feelings away. When we are connected with ourselves, it is way easier to make connections with others. It will bring you so much clarity to be able to connect deeply with the reason you’re in inpatient rehab. Your mental health will feel more relaxed. This will also make it easier to build strong and long-lasting friendships.

Everyone Around You Understands Substance Abuse And Supports Your Recovery Program

You probably will feel slightly awkward belting out your feelings to a bunch of people you haven’t known very long. That’s normal. You have to let yourself go anyway. When you’re in Alcoholics Anonymous or a therapy session, remember that every single person around you is in the same boat you are. They are alcohol abusers. They are drug abusers. They are addicts. Their mental health is in a hard place too. They said goodbye to social media and to loved ones too. They are just as scared and just as uncomfortable.

      Don’t be scared to open up to people who understand how you feel. What is the worst that could come out of being open and honest? You’re in a safe place exists to provide smart recovery. The people around you want to hear your story and connect with you. When you talk to them, you’re going to be filled with so much love. You’re going to love yourself for being brave. You’re going to love your new friends for opening up and talking about such hard things. You’re going to love the people who work at your treatment facility who are dedicated to changing your life.

      Allow your vulnerability to make new connections. You cannot do this if you think everyone around you won’t understand. If there are parts of your story that people cannot identify with, that doesn’t mean they won’t understand the feelings you went through. Pain is pain, and all feelings are valid and just. For the sake of your mental health, you’ll want to keep reminding yourself that everyone around you gets it. You’re all in the treatment facility together and you’re all fighting your own battles together. Once you understand that, your heart will be open to building friendships with everyone around you. You’ll become attached to helping them with what they need and they will be too. You’re going to be filled with empathy and understanding, which is amazing in contrast to being anxious and lonely.

Addicts Or Alcoholics Should Ask Their Treatment Center Which Recovery Program Is Best

Whether or not you’re doing the 12 step program, or something more holistic, most treatment facilities offer activities you can do to ease your mind. Drugs and alcohol take up so much time. You’re going to realize as you go through rehab how much more time you have on your hands. Substance abuse makes you tired and makes being productive nearly impossible. It’s usually a method of alleviating anxiety. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find new ways to cope. The National Institute of Health holds that physical activity is one of the most important habits when you’re recovering from anything. It not only is good for your body, it is amazing for your mind. If you and your peers aren’t into physical activity, there is always art or meditation. You will make so many connections by participating in different activities with the people in your inpatient rehab. You and your peers can find your passion together. Or maybe you already have a passion that has been forgotten about during your drug abuse. Either way, you can find a love of something and make great friends through doing activities. Here is a list of common activities that rehab centers suggest.

  • Hiking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Creative Art
  • Religious Services
  • Workout Classes
  • Creative Writing

 Think about how close you got to your friends when you were young. This was probably through doing fun things. In drug and alcohol rehab, the same opportunity to have a blast and get close to people exists. It’s uplifting for your mental health to bond with people through doing something other than talking. It takes away your stress and distracts you from having to think about your drug or alcohol addiction.

If you’re looking for a more spiritual connection, take advantage of the 12 step program and what it stands for.

The whole point of it is to honor yourself through your connection to a higher power. The best way to do this is by going to religious services, or praying every so often. By doing this, you’re accepting powerlessness. You’re giving yourself to the hands of something bigger than yourself. This will bring you peace and comfort when recovering from such a hard time. This will calm your mind and give you something to look up to.

alcohol drug abuse program

 Keep these things in mind as you go through your process. Sensible recovery isn’t done alone. Smart recovery happens when you build bonds and meaningful connection with your new self, other addicts and abusers and the staff at your treatment facility. Look inward and honor what makes you unique by sharing that with the people around you. That is the best form of self-care and a great way to feel more confident. When you’re all done with inpatient rehab and you go into sober living, maintain these friendships. These people understand you more than lots of your loved ones will. They have been through a similar process as you. If you find a spiritual connection, make sure you maintain that effort to connect with a higher power when you’re out of rehab. Consistency with your spirituality will make you feel more balanced and help you in weak times.

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