Often times, it’s hard for drug addicts to understand how much of their life is run by their drug of choice. Signs of drug addiction can be hard to spot when an addict is so attached. They have been consistently participating in substance abuse. Signs of mental illness can also be very hard to spot. Since they are addicted to drugs, their brain thinks that a bad thing makes them happier. This isn’t the case even if it seems so.

      The health effects might be more prevalent. Some of the most commonly abused drugs are Marijuana, Adderall, Xanax, Cocaine, and Heroin. Whether they are street drugs or prescription drugs, there, unfortunately, is easy access to them in many places. When a drug user goes into a treatment program, they’re usually angry and embarrassed. Their drug of choice isn’t around to help them feel better.  They feel that part of them is going to be taken away. They feel that they’ve disappointed their loved ones. While it seems tough now, going to drug treatment as a drug addict is the best thing you could do for yourself. Here is what makes sobriety after rehab so amazing for drug users. While it may not seem like the best possible lifestyle change, leaving behind drug use and addiction is extremely liberating to the soul.

Relationships Are Tense During Drug Addiction

    It is very common and likely that drug addicts will have major tension with their loved ones. The reason behind this could vary. Families of addicts often experience a huge wave of emotions. Think about it. They see their loved one come home with slurred speech. They see their loved one slowly fall into a mental illness. They see the health effects attacking the body. Sometimes, they are concerned. Other times, they are angry. Other times, they could feel guilty for being unable to stop their loved one from using illicit drugs. No matter what the situation is, having a drug addict in the family is largely emotional. Tension is common in these families because there is so much hope that the addict will get the help they need.

   One amazing part of sobriety is the end of this familial tension. When an addict takes the step to go into drug treatment, they are making their family proud. The effects of drugs on a person go beyond physical changes. Illicit drugs change the way we think, but also how we feel. Distance from loved ones is one of the huge signs of drug abuse and it’s very sad when this distance happens.

  If you’re an addict, imagine mending those relationships. Imagine going to a recovery program, becoming sober and being able to be honest with your friends and family about your feelings. Imagine being listened to instead of having people constantly upset with you or scared about you. You will be able to talk about why you became addicted to drugs. If you haven’t been treating them well, you will be able to apologize. If you have become distant, you will have the chance to start over. If these things seem really intimidating right now, do not fear. There is family therapy during drug treatment where the conversations are mediated and steered in a productive direction. The truth about drugs is that they have power over you. That power can sometimes detach you from the people who care for you the most. In your new found freedom from drug addiction, you’ll find peace with your friends and family. This is such an exciting and happy prospect.

Illicit Drugs Are Harmful To The Body

    Illicit drugs attack the body slowly, so it is far too often that drug addicts don’t even realize how their health is being affected. Many drug addicts have talked in cognitive behavioral therapy about not even realizing how far gone their addiction was. Addictive drugs first take control of the brain. They make the brain crave more of the drug, and because of this the body does too. When the effects of the drug start to wane, the body starts to pick this up. This is when withdrawal occurs. The brain’s reward to the body is rebalancing the body when the drug re-enters the system. Your body and the drug become one. Your body’s new normal becomes taking drugs. The concept of addiction is very scary and real when it’s broken down this way. When you’re out of drug addiction treatment, you’ll start to realize how many consequences there were that you probably never picked up on.

   Most drug addicts don’t know entirely what they’re putting into their body. Even with prescription drugs, there are so many chemicals that make them up and abusing those chemicals is counterproductive. The risk factors to building up a tolerance for any drug are high. You risk becoming mentally ill. You risk brain damage. You risk physical illness. You even risk death. You have the chance to become free from this. When you go through drug treatment, you learn the hard truth about drugs. Between behavioral health treatment and abuse treatment, you’ll find it very difficult to want to use again. You will also have coping skills far more useful and effective than substance abuse. It is a privilege to be able to go to a place that will help balance out your body. Do not take advantage of that. Embrace the freedom you have as a healthy individual. So many people are born with illnesses that would do anything to have a healthy system. When your body is rid of addictive drugs that harm it, you have so many opportunities to become a better person physically and mentally. Why throw your health out the window when you can become a better version of yourself?  That is what addiction treatment can do.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

     Perhaps the most exciting aspect of being free from drug addiction is how happy you can become. Think about it. Drug addiction is a mental health issue. You’ll be able to get to the bottom of your own mental health issues .

     When you go to a treatment center, you’re not only working on breaking the habit of drug abuse but also understanding drug abuse. You’ll be able to look inward and figure out parts of yourself that make you want to take drugs. You’ll be able to learn the science of addictive disorders and apply that to yourself. You’ll be able to understand the consequences of drug abuse and how they have affected your life. When you know yourself that well, it’s easier to express your feelings. It’s easier to talk about what went wrong. It’s easier to break down to a trusted friend and to open up.

    Drug abuse and mental health go hand in hand. When your mind doesn’t feel the best, drug abuse has been the go to answer. When you abuse drugs, your mental health deteriorates. The effects of drugs on the human brain are endless. When you stop using, your mind has some time to catch up to your feelings. Your mind will be able to actually process feelings rather than hide them away. You will be completely turned off from taking the drug you once loved once you realized that it was the cause of your problems the entire time. Yes, there were triggers that you felt. Yes, there are things from the past that have hurt you. When you go to substance abuse treatment and learn new ways to cope, however, you’ll feel free. You’ll feel free because you’ll wonder why you ever turned to substance abuse when you now have more effective ways of cheering up. You’ll feel free of the guilt you faced for putting yourself through drug use and addiction. You’ll feel smart and more sharp, which is your brain’s reward for treating it better. All in all, your mental health will feel more balanced and with it your self-esteem.


drug addiction

The real freedom from drug addiction comes from the fact that going to a treatment center will make you a better person.

While no one would ever want you to feel self-hatred for your drug abuse, they do want you to take the time to do some self-reflection. This self-reflection leads to and understanding of yourself that is so raw that you don’t want to do drugs anymore. Your mental health will improve tremendously. Your withdrawal symptoms will calm down and the effects of drug abuse will be a distant memory. There will definitely be permanent changes. While those can make you really upset, remember how much better life is now that you have had help. You’re free from something that harmed your body. You’re free from something that changed your relationship with your family and friends. You’re free from an addictive drug that harmed your life. There are endless possibilities for you to continue to live happy and healthy. While it is easy to look back on your drug abuse and mental problems, those things made you stronger. Focus on the positives and enjoy sober living.

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