Are you concerned that a loved one is suffering from a heroin addiction? Then it’s time to look out for the signs of heroin abuse. Many physical and behavioral changes can indicate heroin addiction, as well as the presence of certain paraphernalia that is used to consume the drug. A better understanding of these signs can help you identify a heroin addiction so that you can help them seek treatment at a heroin rehab in Connecticut.

Physical Symptoms of Heroin Abuse

  • Constricted pupils
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Weakened immune system
  • Bladder inflammation
  • Vomiting

Behavioral Indicators of Heroin Abuse

  • Poor hygiene
  • Overall distraction
  • Defensive behavior
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Confusion

Heroin Paraphernalia

  • Spoons
  • Syringes
  • Belts
  • Glass pipes
  • Razors

In addition to the physical symptoms, behavioral indicators, and heroin paraphernalia, a sudden financial struggle can also indicate a heroin problem. Heroin addictions can cost as much as $200 per day to maintain. The user may borrow money from friends and family, or sell their belongings to support the addiction.

Seek Treatment at Our Heroin Rehab in Connecticut

If you suspect that one of your loved ones is addicted to heroin, our heroin rehab in Connecticut can help. Here at New England Recovery and Wellness Center, we understand that having a loved one in an active heroin addiction can be a traumatizing experience for the entire family. Not only can we help your loved one beat their addiction, but we can help you adapt to support them during and after treatment.  Contact our amazing team to learn more today.

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