If you don’t think heroin can ruin your life, it’s time to think again. Within a mere week’s time, using heroin on a repeated basis opens the door towards ruining your life. Keep reading for some of the most alarming and common ways heroin can ruin your life. Then, if you’re addicted to heroin, seek help from our heroin rehab in Connecticut today.

11 Ways Heroin Addiction Ruins Your Life

  1. Heroin addiction weakens your body’s respiratory system and leaves you more susceptible to illness.


  1. Shooting up heroin destroys your body’s cardiovascular system and dramatically increases your risk for eventual heart failure.


  1. An addiction to heroin keeps your body in a constant state of withdrawal discomfort.


  1. Heroin’s effects essentially destroy your tissues, cells, and organ structures.


  1. Abusing heroin puts you at high risk of contracting blood-borne diseases, specifically HIV and hepatitis C.


  1. Heroin use makes you unable to function effectively at work.


  1. Heroin addiction during pregnancy significantly increases the chances of birth defects.


  1. Heroin often makes criminal behavior an inevitable outcome.


  1. Being addicted to heroin puts you more at prone to developing psychological disorders.


  1. The money, time, and energy that it takes to sustain a heroin addiction can leave you destitute and homeless.


  1. Long-term heroin addiction takes years off your lifespan.


Contact Our Heroin Rehab in Connecticut to Learn More  

Just because heroin can ruin your life, doesn’t mean that it has to. Our heroin rehab in Connecticut can help you stop and reverse the negative effects of heroin addiction so that you can live a healthy, happy, and sober life. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center for immediate assistance today.

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