Are you wondering whether or not you are suffering from a heroin addiction and need to seek treatment at a heroin rehab in Connecticut? Then keep reading to learn about some tell-tale sign.

12 Signs That You May Need to Go to a Heroin Rehab in Connecticut

  • You reduce or abandon social or recreational activities because of your ongoing use of heroin.
  • You spend a large amount of time on activities that involve acquiring, using, or recovering from your use of heroin.
  • You frequently want to cut back on your use of heroin but are unsuccessful in your attempts.
  • You often have strong cravings and urges to use heroin.
  • You frequently use more heroin than you originally intended.
  • You frequently use heroin over a longer time period than you originally intended.
  • You use heroin even when it is unsafe for you to do so, such as while operating a car or piece of machinery, or in other unsafe circumstances.
  • You continue using heroin even when it’s making your mental or physical health issues worse.
  • Your heroin use has caused you to not meet your obligations and responsibilities at home, work, or school.
  • Your relationships and social life are suffering because of your heroin use, but you keep using it anyway.
  • When you stop using heroin, you experience a runny nose, nausea, vomiting, fever, muscle aches, irritable mood, insomnia, diarrhea, yawning, or sweating.
  • You need to keep using greater doses of heroin to achieve the effect you want.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, you may be suffering from a heroin addiction. Luckily, our heroin rehab in Connecticut can help you begin your journey to sobriety. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center today to learn more.

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