When used as prescribed, opioids can treat moderate to severe pain, however, when abused, they can lead to a serious addiction. In fact, just one bad choice can set you on a path towards needing help from an opioid rehab in Massachusetts. Keep reading to learn how taking a single pill can turn into a life-shattering addiction.

The First Bad Choice 

Someone offers you a prescription painkiller. This pill contains opioids that flood your brain with dopamine, which is the same brain chemical that’s released when you score a goal at a soccer game or eat a chocolate cupcake.

The Craving 

While some people can try a drug once, you can’t. Instead, you start to crave it. This is likely due to a variety of possible factors, such as your age or genes.

The Habit 

You starting taking the opioid pills regularly and your tolerance is building. Your brain now needs more of it to achieve the same high.

The Failed Detox 

The habit is beginning to ruin your relationships, interfere with your life, and is getting rather expensive. You try to quit but are unable to because you are physically and emotionally dependent on the drug.

The Addiction 

The drugs have changed your brain so much that you have developed an addiction, which is a chronic brain disease. You’re driven to use the drug every day, no matter who tries to stop you and what you have to give up to continue using.

Suffering from an Addiction? Our Opioid Rehab in Massachusetts Can Help.

If you or a loved one has made one bad choice and is now suffering from an opioid addiction, New England Recovery and Wellness Center can help. Contact our opioid rehab in Massachusetts for immediate assistance today.

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