We understand that having a loved one in active addiction can be a traumatizing experience for the entire family. Often, the family is unfamiliar with the emotions that occur while a loved one is struggling with addiction and this can result in unintentionally prolonging addict behaviors. Our goal is to bridge this gap between the addict and the family in efforts to build an understanding of addiction and provide education on how to tackle any problems to facilitate a successful long term recovery.

Our detailed family program focuses on repairing family relations and addressing the wide range of issues and emotions that are experienced by the families of addicts. It is very common for family members to feel resentment, disappointment, fear, anxiousness, and a lack of trust toward their loved one struggling with substance abuse. With the help of our addiction specialist counselors, we give both the patient and family an open platform to discuss their emotions and feelings towards each other. Our counselors can pin point the root of problematic behaviors, allowing them to mold and change the thought processes that leads clients to choosing these behaviors.

Our Family Program provides a mediated platform for both parties to address their immediate issues in efforts to rebuild the trust and bond between the two parties. It is difficult to understand the patterns of behavior while a loved one is in active addiction, which can often lead to the family indirectly enabling the addict to continue using, or may cause feelings of guilt amongst the family. We work with the family to identify problematic behaviors, providing steps on how to adapt themselves to support the addict after treatment, which has been proven to assist long term abstinence in the future.