New England Recovery & Wellness Center


Created by a team of experienced addictions professionals, our program offers a curriculum rooted in evidence-based practices. With an interdisciplinary approach that promotes long-term sobriety and healing, our team has developed actionable strategies that can be utilized throughout their road to recovery. We believe that sustainability is possible when an individual can successfully shift their internal perceptions and beliefs to a new practice consistent with healthy behaviors and peer support. Our commitment is to helping individuals learn how to live an alcohol-and-drug-free life while creating new possibilities for a positive future.

We have a comprehensive approach in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders. We provide a safe, private and therapeutic location for clients to begin or further their recovery. To assure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect through a supportive environment, the individual will be given the tools to build a foundation through education groups, life skills education, individual therapy and guided exposure to the 12 Steps and other recovery supports.

Because every addiction and experience differs, we collaborate with the client to develop customized treatment plans based on the assessment made by our clinical team. Our team evaluates the clients’ personal strengths, co-occurring diagnoses, and individual recovery goals. Through-out their treatment, we re-evaluate these plans and make changes when clinically appropriate.

At Avenues Recovery at New England, levels of outpatient care range from Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)  to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)  and eventually standard Outpatient (OP). Each stage of care is carefully tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual client. As progress is made and new behavioral and coping skills take root, clients are given more independence and a widening range of tools for self-discovery. The ultimate goal is full reintegration into a productive and meaningful place in society. 

We strongly encourage incorporating the 12 Steps into each individual treatment plan and actively participating in outside 12-step meetings of various recovery fellowships. These groups aid in providing a platform for sharing among peers and help solidify a support network in the early stages of recovery. Some of the more common 12 Step programs include: 

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
  • Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)

With experiential therapy, the clients at New England Recovery and Wellness learn how to approach challenges in a proactive manner rather than a reactive one. This allows for a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the impact their decisions may have not only on themselves, but also on others. The primary aim of our experiential therapy addiction program is to help clients begin making better choices – ones that align with their true values while allowing their needs to be met in a healthy manner. 

Thrive Outdoors is, above all, a Stress management and life navigation school. Using wilderness survival principles and nature as its primary tools, it was created with teaching people a better way to prioritize and cope with stressors – while focusing on a positive mindset for everyday – in mind. 

Thrive Outdoors feels that those in recovery can greatly benefit from the systematic yet flexible guidelines taught in wilderness survival, and the focus on overcoming pain and adversity to move past unexpected or unhealthy conditions. Our hope is to help Foster an “I will win” attitude in the guests while supporting both the staff and guests through positivity training and nature immersion. 

When a client wants to give up on a hike because it feels overwhelming or difficult, and several others are there to gently push them to succeed, everyone gains a sense of accomplishment. This translates to more tools that can help them move through their recovery. Learn more about this affiliate program at