New England RAW is embarking on a new Christian Track Program called The Alpha Series. This is a six-week, faith based counseling model which is focused on helping those struggling with addiction, find their true identity in Christ. One common misconception is that this new program is based on religion. It is rather a faith based recovery series that focuses on building a true relationship with Christ. The focus is digging deeper into a Spiritual life that gives us purpose, which all of humanity naturally needs and desires.

During the first 30 days of treatment which is referred to as Day/Night treatment, the Clients go to Alpha Series groups where the clients focus on Biblical Self-Awareness and Building a Healthy Identity.

  • Biblical Self-Awareness: Learning how those mentioned in the Bible dealt with many of the same issues that we still deal with today both personal and relational. These issues stem from our underlying negative emotions.
  • Building a Healthy Identity: Focusing on how development of a healthy self-image through a relationship with Christ and accepting Christ as the ideal role model. Helps us to renew our minds and engage in healthy personal development.

After completion of the 30 days of Day/Night treatment, the Client has the option to stay in our Intensive Outpatient Program where Relational Empowerment becomes the focus.

  • Relational Empowerment: With our new healthy identities, we are now able to shift our focus on building relationships and helping others to spread the message to those who are still suffering. Those who impart this practice often find the true purpose in life, which is to love and care for our friends, family, and neighbors. Relational empowerment promotes growth and an increased sense of power, confidence, and reason for continued sobriety.

This ground breaking approach to the disease of addiction is already making waves in the Behavioral Health Industry. Most facilities do not offer a short term Christian Track Program. Those who do require a 1 to 2 year-long commitment. It is nearly impossible to get an addict in active addiction to commit to a program that long. In addition to the Alpha Series our Clients attend our AA/NA based program on the same campus. RAW is setting a new standard on having a fully encompassing range of treatment programs available for all.