Just as addiction is a progressive illness, drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a gradual process. The professionals in our drug treatment program recognize the fact that our clients will make progress at their own rates. Upon admission, clients will meet with their primary therapist and a consulting psychiatrist to design a treatment plan, customized to meet their individual needs.

Initially, people experiencing addiction need medical and nutritional attention in order to begin restoring physical balance. From there, they start to explore the underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction, such as anxiety, depression, and co-occurring mental health disorders. They will attend therapeutic groups that cover a wide collection of topics related to addiction recovery and coping with any existing co-occurring disorders. They will explore constructive methods to cope with emotional triggers, ways to prevent problematic behavior and build positive support structure in their recovery.

Our experienced addiction counselors help our clients and their families uncover conditions, fears, beliefs, and practices that have contributed to the addiction. We also educate families about the nature of drug and alcohol addiction and provide family therapy to help integrate their support through-out the process. PHP will typically last 28 to 40 days and will focus on stabilizing the client’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.