When choosing an alcohol detox facility to go to, there’s a lot to consider. There are so many kinds of drug detox centers and even more kinds of alcohol detox centers. You have to consider if you want to go to inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab.  You have to take into account dual diagnosis and ask yourself if you’ll need extra attention toward your mental health. You’ll have to ask yourself what kind of behavioral therapy will work best for you. You’ll have to look at the cost of each treatment center and figure out if your insurance will cover it.

Perhaps one of the most important decisions and therefore the most difficult to make is whether you should go to a treatment center near home or not.

This is a question that causes lots of stress for people. When considering the location of where you will be going through detox, take your time. You have to be able to be honest with yourself about your needs. Each rehab center provides a different opportunity for you to explore. Especially when these rehab centers are in different places.  This article will weigh the pros and cons of going to alcohol or drug rehab near home. Keep these tidbits in mind as you make the decision.


Your Loved Ones will be Close By As you Go Through Addiction Treatment

The major pro to going to one of the centers near your home is that your family will be close by. If your family doesn’t live near you or with you, your friends will also be around. Your loved ones will be able to support your journey. If you miss them and just need someone that knows you well to comfort you, you are able to see them. During inpatient abuse treatment, you might not be able to see them for a little bit but it will feel relaxing to know that they are close by.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the talk about alcohol abuse or drug abuse and you don’t know if rehab is for you, they can even come pick you up. Detox programs can be very intensive, especially during the first few days when withdrawal symptoms are severe. It will provide you with stability to know that your people are nearby. On the opposite end, it will also make your family and friends feel more at ease knowing that you’re nearby getting the right help you need.  

You Can Save Money Going To A Treatment Center

      Another pro to going to a rehab facility close to home is that it will cost you less money. Rehab costs can get pretty high. Transportation and medical care can also be extremely expensive. You ideally want your insurances accepted.  You want to be able to save up. You want to be able to be financially stable when you’re done going through addiction treatment. If you’re traveling far to go to rehab, it’s going to cost extra money. You might have to get plane tickets multiple times, or spend extra money on gas. You also have to find yourself a place to live when you get out of inpatient rehab. There are so many nitpicky little things about traveling and moving to a new place that even if it’s temporary, the costs still add up. Making all of these financial arrangements for yourself can cause you a lot of stress. This could trigger you to use if you don’t have the correct coping skills. If you go somewhere close to home, you can get back to your living situation quickly. You can also save tons of money and stress. You’ll then be able to save up some money and make arrangements for things that come after inpatient rehab, like cognitive behavioral therapy and even moving to a new place. You’ll have more wiggle room to build up a new life.

While it could seem enticing to go somewhere far away and remove yourself from the situation, it is way more economical to be close to home.

If you’re really close to your family, a closer rehab center provides you with more comfort. You will be able to save up money and have your loved ones to fall back on.

There are definitely cons that come with choosing a rehab program close to home as well. Most recovering drug addicts or alcoholics have admitted that it’s easier to relapse close to home.                                                                                                                         


You’re In The Place Where Your Drug Addiction Started

This is possibly the biggest con of going to a rehab facility close to home. Let’s face the facts. You would be going to rehab in the same place that your drug or alcohol addiction started. You have memories there. You have had bad times there. You have also had good times, but you have to be very honest with yourself. Being in the place where your addiction started can really taint home for you. Addiction recovery is intense. You’ll realize this as soon as you start to feel your withdrawal symptoms. It might be best to remove yourself from an environment that has once been associated with harm. If you have had painful experiences in a place, your mind is will associate the bad memories with your current sobriety. Drug abuse tends to make people very depressive, and this will only be amplified by small reminders of bad things that happened in your hometown.

    It’s also simply nice to get away. Even if you’re not going to some famous drug rehab with the most top-notch facility, you’re still escaping for a little bit. Being at a remote center provides you with the space you need to breathe and think. You are going to be able to take a step back, address your treatment options and take a break from your normal life. This kind of pause is amazing for your mental health. It’s completely okay to leave what you’re used to and reset your frame of mind. Take the time to think about what fuels your addiction. Yes, it is your drug or alcohol of choice. But, what causes you to make the decision of substance abuse? It had to have started somewhere. It’s a risky situation to be around the place it all started. A recovery center is a place where you’re starting new.

You Know Where To Access Drugs And Alcohol

     The dangerous part about going through abuse treatment at one of the centers near your house is that you know where everything is. You know where your friends live that might use too. You know where the casinos are, you know where the dealers are and you know where the liquor store is. If you’re in outpatient rehab, you have more freedom to be able to use or relapse. You have more freedom to be around people that aren’t good influences on you. While it can be hard to completely remove yourself from the place you know and love, it sometimes is necessary. Being at a more remote recovery center, you won’t have as much access to substances because you won’t know your way around. Your focus won’t deviate too much from helping your mental health.

It Simply Is Hard On Your Mental Health

 The truth of it all is that it’s not the best for your mental health to be so close to home to recover. Even if it’s a car ride away from the area you live in, look for a recovery center that is in a neighboring town. Look for one in an area nearby that isn’t in a place you are familiar with. You want to be able to remove yourself from things that will trigger substance abuse.  You want to be able to get away from the place you know your way around. You will be able to see a new area. You will be able to meet completely new people from different places. You will even have the chance to start over living in a new place. This will change things up for you. Rehab programs are made to give you clarity. Clarity happens when you take a step back from the things that have made your life complex.

All in all, it’s best to get at least 20 miles from home. Go somewhere you haven’t been to more than once or twice.  Changes things up a little bit. If you can, go somewhere with weather that you like. If you’re into adventure, go somewhere in the mountains.

Your detox center is going to be where you turn into a completely new person. Your detox center should feel like a place of comfort.

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The essential thing to remember is that you want to feel at home and at peace. You would think that being in such a new place would make you feel uncomfortable, but in reality, it’s not. The reason for this is because you can take a new place and adapt to your lifestyle slowly there. At home, you’re forced to relive things that you don’t want to. The risk for relapse is higher because you’re too close to things that can tempt you to use. Getting far from home for a few days or weeks is the best option for peace of mind. You will be able to explore a new side of who you are during addiction treatment as you recover in a different environment. Rather than dwelling in the past, you will be focused on the present.


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