In order to recover from something, you have to accept it as a problem. Drug addiction is a deadly problem. Admitting that you’ve lost all control over your mind and body can be really tough, but such an admission is the start of your journey to healing. When you have an active addiction here are some tips for ripping the band-aid off and letting this acceptance drive you through addiction recovery and mental health treatment. True meaningful recovery begins when you surrender to your drug addiction. Addiction recovery begins with surrender.

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Write Things Down, It’s Good For Your Mental Health 

Something is bothering you. Whether that be your drug abuse, your drug addiction, your mental health or your relationships, something is making you feel not quite right. That’s okay. Write it down. Writing things down allows us to process our feelings, which will help while overcoming addiction. This removes the barrier of needing to protect those feelings using defense mechanisms. Getting thoughts down on paper is its own form of mental health treatment.
What is it that has made accepting your addiction so challenging? Is it the fear of being seen as an addict or alcoholic? Does sober living seem impossible? Are you confused about what it means to have an active addiction, or what your treatment options are? Are you nervous about the process of overcoming addiction? That’s okay. Write it down. Write about your fears, thoughts, and concerns. You’ll realize that this writing is a secondary form of surrender, of acceptance.

Do The Research On Your Drug Addiction

Take a look on the web for some information on how drug abuse affects our health. Stay away from social media, where drug abuse and addiction are misconstrued. Social media tends to paint drugs and alcohol in a casual way. Look into the cold hard facts about your drug of choice. Have you ever taken the time to understand how it has affected your physical health? Whether it’s alcohol or drug abuse, even sex addiction or gambling- there are major signs and symptoms of serious illness that can come from addiction. Treatment programs help these, but going to a treatment program first requires this surrender. It is hard to ignore the facts when you read them. While it may hurt, it will inspire an action plan to improve your life.

After reading up on the impacts your drug of choice has on your physical health, read about rehab centers. Choose a place you’ve always wanted to go to and the rehab centers they have there. Imagine having some time to go there, experience new things and take care of your mental health. There are endless treatment programs out there that can cater to what your mind needs. Forget about health care for a few minutes, forget about what your friends and family will think, forget about social media and what people will think and consider what is out there for your future. There are even recovery tips online if you’re not ready to find yourself traveling to a rehab center yet.

Talk To Your Friends And Family

      After processing your thoughts more, talk about your thoughts with your friends and family. They know you well, sometimes even better than you know yourself. They can provide you with some insight into your situation. Have they noticed your drug abuse? Have they considered the idea of staging an intervention? What can they tell you that you may not already know? Perhaps there are some words of wisdom that you yourself cannot think of without this support. It could be really emotional and uncomfortable to do this, but it will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

If your relationship with your friends and family has been rocky lately and you’re noticing it slowly, ask yourself why that is. Has it been due to your substance abuse? Have drugs and alcohol come between you and your loved ones? Additionally, ask yourself if you want things to be that way. Addiction has the power to separate us from the people we love, and while you may feel some shame at how different your relationships have become-this will empower you to master acceptance and recover.

Cut Yourself Some Slack, Drug Rehab Is A Huge Step

No human being is perfect. Denial is a common defense mechanism used by those who cannot accept reality. Reality isn’t so bad though. While there is room for lifestyle improvement, drug abuse does not make you any less of a person than someone who forgot to walk their dog yesterday morning. You are not a monster for accepting that your behavioral health could use a checkup. This acceptance, if anything, makes you extremely strong. It is okay to accept your drug addiction. It will not negatively affect who you are as a person to want to change your life. Your friends and family don’t think so, and neither do the people working at recovery centers.

Surrendering to addiction is something that will guide you to embrace flaws, which will overall improve your mental health. Drug rehab is not meant to reprimand you. Rehab programs are designed to bring out your qualities that you may not be able to see when you’re using your drug of choice. They guide you into sober living and a healthy future, give you recovery tips and lifelong principles to live by. You won’t be sitting in a room of people shaming you, you’ll be cherished. You’ll even make new friends that you’ll connect with on a very deep level. You’ll be understood for your imperfections and find guidance for your fears. We don’t want you to lose control of the possibilities you have. Unfortunately, losing control of your life is made that much more realistic without acceptance of your drug addiction.

 We’re here to tell you that raising the white flag is the best thing you can do for yourself, your relationships and your overall health and well being. While it seems terrifying, the positives in the situation outweigh the negatives. Your new life–free of emotional pain and confusion, free of addiction and worry–begins with surrender.

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