Alcoholics Anonymous: Why Some People Love It and Others Don’t

 Alcoholics Anonymous has been a recovery staple for decades now. It is a standard part of the Twelve Step Program, which was founded on religious ideals. The Twelve Step Program has since been modified to be more spiritual, but alcoholics anonymous remains the same. It is basically a group therapy coalition that accepts absolutely anyone. […]

Recovery Begins With Surrendering To Your Addiction

surrender recovery addiction

In order to recover from something, you have to accept it as a problem. Drug addiction is a deadly problem. Admitting that you’ve lost all control over your mind and body can be really tough, but such an admission is the start of your journey to healing. When you have an active addiction here are […]

Addiction Recovery in New Hampshire | How Can I Stay Sober on Vacation?

can i go on vacation during addiction recovery in new hampshire

There are few things better than packing your bags and going on a vacation. However, going on vacation often means being surrounded by people consuming alcohol and other substances. This can make staying sober tough. Don’t worry, you can have the best vacation of your life without sacrificing all of the progress you’ve made during […]

Alcohol Rehab in New Hampshire | The Relationship Between Alcohol and Depression

do i need to go to an alcohol rehab in new hampshire

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between alcohol abuse and depression? It’s true. When people are feeling depressed, they often view alcohol as a comforting friend and a way to make life a little easier. However, the alcohol merely conceals a terrible truth. This truth is that alcohol makes the symptoms of […]

Opioid Rehab in Massachusetts | What Are the Signs of an Opioid Addiction?

how do i know if i need to go to an opioid rehab in massachusetts

Are you concerned that your loved one might be suffering from an addiction to opioids? Then keep reading to learn about physical, psychological, and behavioral warning signs of opioid addiction. Then, if they are exhibiting any of these signs and symptoms, help them seek the assistance they need at our opioid rehab in Massachusetts. Opioid […]

Alcohol Treatment in New Hampshire | What You Should Know About Getting Sober

what is the best alcohol rehab in new hampshire

Getting help with your alcohol treatment in New Hampshire can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, we wholeheartedly ask that you don’t. Going through alcohol withdrawal without medical supervision is dangerous and potentially fatal. If you are someone that has drank too much over the span of a long […]

Drug Rehab Near Boston | What is a Dual Diagnosis?

where can i get help from an opioid rehab in massachusetts

Did you know that many people suffering from a substance abuse problem are also suffering from a mental illness at the same time? It’s true, and it’s called a dual diagnosis. Much like the chicken and egg theory, no one knows which came first. Sometimes, drug abuse is used to cover up the symptoms of […]

Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts | Fast Facts About Pregnancy and Addiction

where can i seek addiction treatment in massachusetts if i am pregnant

Alcohol and drug addictions can wreck havoc on any person’s life, but addiction can be specifically damaging to pregnant women and their unborn children. Keep reading to learn about some can’t miss facts about the dangers of pregnancy and addiction. Then, if you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, seek addiction treatment […]

Drug Rehab in Connecticut | Talking About Addiction with Loved Ones

can a drug rehab in connecticut help me and my family

Coming face-to-face with your addiction is hard. Coming face-to-face with your loved ones in regards to your addiction can be even harder. But, it is an essential part of your recovery. Here are some tips to help you get through the process while at a drug rehab in Connecticut: Acknowledge Your Actions There is a […]