What to Pack to an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

inpatient drug rehab

An inpatient drug rehab program offers the highest level of care possible when it comes to addiction recovery. Patients will stay at the inpatient facility for the entirety of their program, which usually ranges anywhere from 28 to 90 days. In general, the longer the stay, the better their shot at recovery. Patients also tend […]

A Look At Why A 12 Step Substance Abuse Recovery Program Is Effective

12 step substance abuse recovery program

The 12 step substance abuse recovery program is basically an advanced version of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). This type of support group actually dates back to the 1930s in Akron, Ohio. While Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other support groups are faith-based, the 12 step substance abuse recovery program is spiritual-based. Members believe […]

Recovery Begins With Surrendering To Your Addiction

surrender recovery addiction

In order to recover from something, you have to accept it as a problem. Drug addiction is a deadly problem. Admitting that you’ve lost all control over your mind and body can be really tough, but such an admission is the start of your journey to healing. When you have an active addiction here are […]

A Guide to Common Recovery Terms

When first exploring treatment options, many find themselves overwhelmed by terms they do not understand. A number of common addiction recovery terms seem intuitive to those of us who already know them; however, those outside of the recovery community will not find the vernacular so accessible. These may include terms relating to the specifics of […]

Addiction Recovery in New Hampshire | How Can I Stay Productive at Work?

can i still work during addiction recovery in new hampshire

Drug and alcohol addictions can make you lose your job, but drug and addiction recovery in New Hampshire can help you keep it.  However, staying productive at work while embarking on the journey towards lifetime sobriety is often easier said than done. Just remember that you CAN do it. Keep reading for some helpful tips […]

Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts | How to Face Your Recovery Fears

how can i succeed at addiction treatment in massachusetts

Recovering from an addiction is a beautiful and life-changing experience, but it can be a scary experience as well. Fear is normal throughout every stage of addiction treatment in Massachusetts. However, too much fear can be paralyzing in life and can sometimes even be a precursor to relapse. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep […]

Addiction Treatment in NH | Why Is Professional Treatment Necessary for Recovery?

where can i get professional addiction treatment in nh

Any serious illness requires medical attention and professional expertise, and addictions are no different. While you may try to quit drugs or alcohol on your own, the consequences of doing so can range from uncomfortable to deadly. Seeking professional addiction treatment in NH address the illness effectively, thoroughly, and safely. Keep reading to learn more […]

Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire | How Can I Break the Addiction Cycle?

what is the best alcohol rehab in new hampshire

Are you tired of having your addiction rule over your life? Then it’s time to break the cycle and seek addiction treatment in New Hampshire. Keep reading to find out more. 4 Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction 1. Make Lifestyle Changes The first part of breaking your addiction cycle is to come to […]

Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts | 5 Inspirational Books About Recovery

what books can help with my addiction treatment in massachusetts

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. It’s a long and difficult road filled with countless challenges. However, it is a road worth traveling. Luckily, there is a ton of books out there to help make your addiction treatment in Massachusetts a little easier. Keep reading to find out which ones are worth […]