Alcohol Rehab in New Hampshire | The 5 Types of Alcoholics

do i need to go to an alcohol rehab in new hampshire

Take a moment to imagine an alcoholic. Chances are that a certain stereotype, which seems nothing like yourself, comes to mind. However, it’s important to realize that the reality of alcoholism is a lot different than what you may imagine. In fact, there are typically 5 different types of alcoholics. Keep reading to learn about […]

Alcohol Rehab in New Hampshire | Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol may be a legal substance that lowers your anxiety and inhibitions. But it also has a broad range of side effects that can be extremely detrimental. While not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic, anyone whose life is negatively affected by alcohol on a consistent basis is considered to have an alcohol use disorder. […]

Alcohol Treatment in New Hampshire | What Are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

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Over time, alcohol drinking can become alcohol abuse and alcohol abuse can blossom into an alcohol addiction. At this stage, you are physically and/or psychologically dependent on alcohol to function and need to receive alcohol treatment in New Hampshire. Are you addicted to alcohol? Keep reading to learn about the 8 signs of alcohol addiction. […]