The Growing Relationship Between Kids and Alcohol

  The drinking culture in our country has changed throughout the last decade. Drinking during parties to become drunk has become appealing to children at younger ages than before. People drink for many different reasons and not everyone who enjoys a drink here and there is an alcoholic. It is, however, a concerning idea to think […]

Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Addiction?

 The casual drink has become a popular pastime for many people. They have a nice dinner, they drink a few glasses of wine and the conversation livens up. There are dish towels in storefronts that read, “Wine is the answer, what was the question?” There’s a popular song whose lyrics read, “I can’t stop drinking […]

Alcohol Treatment in New Hampshire | The Truth About Binge Drinking

do i need alcohol treatment in new hampshire if i am a binge drinker

When most people picture someone with a drinking problem, they typically imagine an alcoholic who drinks every day and can’t function without alcohol. But those types of drinkers aren’t the only ones with an alcohol problem. Even those who aren’t dependent on alcohol, but routinely drink in excess, are in danger of long-term consequences and […]

Does Drinking Every Day Make You an Alcoholic?

Do you drink every day and are wondering if you are an alcoholic? Do you find yourself feeling guilty about your alcohol consumption? Is it possibly affecting your life in negative ways? If you are one of those people wondering if your level of drinking alcohol is at an unhealthy level, there are a few […]

Alcohol Rehab in New Hampshire | How Does Alcohol Affect My Body?

what are the physical effects of going to an alcohol rehab in new hampshire

When you drink alcohol, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and affects every part of your body. As a result, alcoholism can lead to numerous long-term health complications. How exactly does alcohol affect your body? Our alcohol rehab in New Hampshire has the answer. Keep reading for some of the most significant physical effects of […]