Chronic Pain Patients Hurt by Opioid Epidemic

As the opioid epidemic continues to spread, legislators are scrambling to respond by limiting the availability of potentially addictive medications. In March of 2016, the CDC released new prescription guidelines for opioids. These guidelines suggested that doctors should make an effort to prescribe non-opioid painkillers. The CDC recognized, however, that some chronic pain patients might […]

Pink: The Dangerous New Synthetic Opioid

In October and November of 2016, the media addressed a new potential drug menace. Pink, a dangerous new synthetic opioid, claimed dozens of lives before the DEA enacted an emergency ban. But as we know all too well, making a drug illegal will not end its use. This terrifying designer drug is already out there, […]

Fighting the New England Heroin Epidemic

If you Google the word “epidemic,” the first definition you’ll see is “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.” In terms of describing the New England heroin epidemic, this means a few things. First, it describes the disease of heroin addiction as something spreading out of control. Second, […]