State of Emergency: Trump Takes on the Epidemic

It sometimes feels like Americans are lagging behind in the fight against drug addiction. We are not by far the first country to encounter an opioid crisis. In fact, overdose epidemics routinely pop up across the globe. We sometimes fail to notice them because we focus so strongly on what affects our own personal sphere. […]

Drug Policies of the Trump Administration

It’s time for President Trump to put all of his proposed policies to action now that he is in office. But what exactly are the drug policies of the Trump administration? Trump’s stance on drugs has changed over the years when it comes to legalization. In the 1980s and 90s, he was all for legalization […]

Will the Obamacare Repeal Affect Drug Treatment?

Not even one month into office, recently inaugurated Donald Trump has already signed numerous executive orders. While many disagree with the content of these orders, it does appear that Trump intends to deliver on the bulk of his campaign promises. But he has yet to fulfill one particular promise with which many may be familiar—the […]

Donald Trump on Addiction Treatment

The 2016 election pitted Americans against each other on a number of issues. Some felt that their candidate was the only one who could save the country. Others simply voted for the candidate they hated the least. But in the end, only one person could win. And no matter who you voted for, you likely […]