Addiction Recovery in New Hampshire | What Can Trigger a Relapse?

can addiction treatment in new hamsphire help me manage triggers

If you are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you need to realize that relapses are common. In fact, about 40% to 60% of people recovering from an addiction end up relapsing. But just because they are common, doesn’t mean that you need to relapse. There are steps you can take during addiction recovery […]

Drug Rehab Centers in New Hampshire | Important Things to Know About Drug Addiction

what should i know before going drug rehab centers in new hampshire

Drug addictions are very complicated. In fact, many people who are currently suffering from a drug addiction don’t fully understand them themselves. However, there are a few things that anyone who hopes to get and stay sober should know about drug addictions before going to drug rehab centers in New Hampshire. Keep reading to learn […]

Addiction Recovery in New Hampshire | How Can I Manage Triggers?

how can i avoid triggers during addiction recovery in new hampshire

Completing treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is a major accomplishment. But it’s important to note that the real work begins as soon as you walk out of the door. After rehab, you will encounter cravings and temptations due to triggers. Triggers are things that will make you want to turn to your drug […]

Drug Rehab in New England | 5 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Relapse

where can i find a drug rehab in new england after relapse

If you’ve recently experienced a relapse, take a deep breath. While you may be experiencing a lot of fear and guilt, know that relapses happen. A relapse after seeking help from a drug rehab in New England does not need to mark the end of your journey towards sobriety. Start regaining control of your life […]