Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab: You Decide

       The debate has gone on forever. Is it better to go stay in a treatment center for some time? Or is it better to continue your everyday lifestyle?  There are many treatment programs available in both of these cases. The decision is a matter of personal preference. What level of supervision and […]

Rebuilding Family Trust in Recovery

Recovery improves our lives in numerous ways. We regain jobs, develop a stronger sense of emotional stability, and begin repairing the many relationships left broken by our substance use. Unfortunately, all of these require quite a bit of patience. Once we begin feeling better about ourselves, we want the pieces to fall into place. Even […]

A Guide to Common Recovery Terms

When first exploring treatment options, many find themselves overwhelmed by terms they do not understand. A number of common addiction recovery terms seem intuitive to those of us who already know them; however, those outside of the recovery community will not find the vernacular so accessible. These may include terms relating to the specifics of […]