Fentanyl Abuse: A Look at Withdrawals and Overdoses

fentanyl abuse

Fentanyl abuse is becoming a massive problem in America. In 2016, the number of overdoses caused by fentanyl rose 540% within the previous three years. This prescription opioid treats moderate to severe pain. Although effective, it has a potential for becoming highly addictive. Even when taken as prescribed, many patients can still get addicted to […]

Overdose Awareness Day 2017: How You Can Help

August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day. With today’s opioid epidemic, this initiative to spread global awareness feels more important than ever. Many of us know someone who struggles with drug addiction. In fact, the odds of knowing at least one addict in today’s climate seem greater than the odds of knowing none at all. […]

Addiction Vaccine: Could It Really Work?

As you might imagine, some recovering addicts and alcoholics take issue with the belief that addiction is incurable. Many prefer to think of themselves as fully recovered. Even the Big Book uses this word on its title page. Nevertheless, many of those same individuals who see themselves as cured often find themselves dealing with relapse […]

State of Emergency: Trump Takes on the Epidemic

It sometimes feels like Americans are lagging behind in the fight against drug addiction. We are not by far the first country to encounter an opioid crisis. In fact, overdose epidemics routinely pop up across the globe. We sometimes fail to notice them because we focus so strongly on what affects our own personal sphere. […]

Part Four: My Son is a Heroin Addict: A Mom’s Tale

Amy is the mother of Steven, a heroin addict who recently almost died from an overdose. Steven is now living in a sober house after completing an inpatient treatment program. Amy is hopeful for her recently-turned-18 son. She is committed to his recovery no matter how he chooses to go about it. Amy also struggles […]

Opioid Rehab in Massachusetts | What is Fentanyl?

can an opioid rehab in massachusetts help my fentanyl addiction

In 2016, fentanyl was all over headlines due to the role that is played in music legend Prince’s tragic and untimely death. More than a year later, this prescription drug’s prevalence has yet to fade. This is largely due to the fact that continues to largely contribute to America’s ever-growing opioid crisis. What exactly is […]

Opioid Rehab in Massachusetts | 7 Shocking Facts About the Opioid Epidemic

what are some facts form an opioid rehab in massachusetts

The United States is currently in the midst of an opioid epidemic, which has resulted in an overwhelming rise in prescription opioid overdoses and deaths throughout the country. Keep reading to learn some alarming facts about this startling epidemic straight from our opioid rehab in Massachusetts. 7 Facts and Statistics About the Opioid Epidemic Around […]

Opioid Rehab in Massachusetts | Can One Bad Choice Lead to Addiction?

what is a good drug rehab in massachusetts for my teen

When used as prescribed, opioids can treat moderate to severe pain, however, when abused, they can lead to a serious addiction. In fact, just one bad choice can set you on a path towards needing help from an opioid rehab in Massachusetts. Keep reading to learn how taking a single pill can turn into a […]

How Prescription Drug Use Can Turn into Opioid Addiction

The current opioid epidemic in this country is out of control. Opioid addiction and abuse is a serious problem that is affecting society socially and economically. Above all, it affects the health of the people. Drug overdoses in general are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Specifically, in 2015 there were […]