New England Recovery & Wellness Center

The Experience

 Upon admission to Avenues Recovery of New England a client and his or her family are immediately considered part of the Avenues family. From here on out they will receive the empathy, loyalty, and support that comes with being a valued member of a close-knit community. They will be given every last resource at our disposal and every ounce of our energy to successfully manage their addiction and resume a productive and meaningful lifestyle.   

Avenues Recovery New England drug and alcohol addiction treatment is done incrementally, and each step and phase are carefully planned.  The process of building a personalized treatment plan begins from the moment of the initial phone call.  

Each individual struggle with substance abuse is unique to their history, background, and personal challenges.  

At first contact, a prospective client will be greeted with respect and empathy. Being a client at Avenues means more than just receiving drug and alcohol addiction therapy, counseling and treatment. It means building a real partnership and becoming part of a loving community. Trust is integral to that partnership and we strive to earn that from the very beginning.   

On your first day, you will meet with the intake team. This includes both medical and clinical evaluations.  Addiction counselors will discuss with you your drug use and treatment history, background and unique perspectives and challenges.

Properly assessing a client requires honesty and communication from all parties. Addiction struggles often create feelings of shame and inadequacy. It is tempting to whitewash the severity of abuse or leave out important details.

But a misleading portrayal can cause great harm. It can even prolong treatment unnecessarily. Being open and honest will help us get the best picture of how we can best help you achieve your goals of abstinence and lasting sobriety. It goes without saying that everything disclosed is held in strictest confidence and is used only to your benefit.

Help us help you!

Insurance details, financial situations, and payment options will also be reviewed during these interviews.

Therapy sessions and their durations will be determined by a particular level of care. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) consist of five-hour daily sessions five days a week. Treatment includes a range of wellness activities.

Group therapy, individual sessions with our skilled counselors and various evidence-based modalities are deployed as well as holistic therapies and recreational activities. Clients participate in art therapy, role playing, music therapy, educational seminars, fitness activities, and 12-step discussions.

Focus is placed on team building, coping skills and social awareness. Finding and maintaining a job is an important part of reintegration. At Avenues, we identify employment opportunities, guide you through the interview process, and help you strengthen the skills needed to prosper.

Relationships suffer on all levels through addiction. We work on healing families and encourage healthy communication.

As clients progress through their personalized treatment plans, they will be evaluated for readiness to move to the next levels.