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Manchester, New Hampshire is the largest city in northern New England, serving as home for over 100,000 people.

There is a ton to do in Manchester. From a nice relaxing boat ride on the river to baseball games, you’ll find it hard to be bored. That being said, there is also a drug culture in Manchester that cannot be ignored. Opioid addiction is common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New Hampshire came in third place for highest rate of deaths from drug overdose in 2016.

Whether it’s opioid addiction, alcohol addiction or a behavioral addiction, Manchester treatment centers have you covered. Being so heavily populated with tons of fun things to do gives Manchester an edge in New England Recovery. Here are some things to expect from Manchester drug treatment.

Manchester Rehab Facilities Are Well Staffed

Something wonderful about abuse treatment in Manchester, New Hampshire is the people. Being that there is a such a huge population, there will be no shortage of people to help you through your drug or alcohol addiction.

A good staff to patient ratio is essential to recovery from any kind of drug or alcohol addiction. You should have a team of two to three people to help you with your treatment plan, mental health and extended care. This is exactly what you will find at outstanding Manchester rehab facilities.

Essential to your support team are medical professionals, therapists, counselors and case managers who will all guide you willingly through the process of your treatment plan. Being in a city with so many people provides you with a chance to have many people nearby when you need them. A strong team of staff will make sure your treatment focuses on exactly what you need.

Manchester rehab facilities know how to welcome you into their family. An addiction recovery that is personal is essential at all levels of care.

Manchester Drug Treatment Is Versatile

What makes Manchester rehab facilities so amazing is their versatility. Whether you’re there for alcohol and drug addiction or behavioral health problems, Manchester alcohol treatment and drug programs have different options of help you through treating addiction.

Manchester is home to an entertaining city with shops as well as the beautiful Merrimack River. There are tons of art hubs located in the city that can be a nice way to relax after a serious day of recovery.  While there are different levels of care for different kinds of alcohol and drug addictions, the one thing you can count on is a variety of ways to change addictive behaviors

While there is health treatment for withdrawal symptoms and cognitive behavioral therapy, treating addiction also means changing habits. Being in a place where you can form new hobbies and interests is awesome for abuse treatment and Manchester rehab centers have that advantage.  

From looking at works of art to group hiking during Manchester AA meetings, there’s something for everyone. Treatment programs should bring about a feeling of comfort for you as you learn a new lifestyle and this will feel amazing with the versatility of the Manchester area.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Are A Great Start

Going through alcohol addiction can be very tough if you’re feeling alone. It’s common to feel uncomfortable asking people about treatment options because you may feel as if they don’t understand.

As mentioned, lots of the New Hampshire population lives in Manchester and this makes a difference at Manchester Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If you’re unsure about rehab facilities, try going to AA meetings first. This is a great step in the right direction when treating addiction.

When you’re looking for alcohol treatment, there are many questions that need to be answered.

  1. Do you know of your options?
  2. Do you find your substance abuse problem to be an addiction?
  3. Do you want to go to an inpatient rehab or an outpatient program?

At Manchester AA meetings, you will be able to meet people who have been through the same struggle. They will understand your addiction and even your withdrawal symptoms. They will make you feel less alone.

When you struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, it helps to have guidance. Alcoholics anonymous in a city as full as Manchester will bring you peace and support. Here is a list of some of the AA meeting types offered in Manchester.

  • Big Book Meetings: Open discussion about alcohol addiction using the Big Book, a text written by Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings: Meetings for those who are struggling with addiction to Narcotics
  • Closed Meetings: If you feel that you want to join the Alcoholics Anonymous team, these meetings are closed to those in recovery

Click here for a schedule of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the Manchester Area.  

Outpatient Rehab And The Great Outdoors

If you’re feeling unsure about inpatient rehab,  intensive outpatient programming is another treatment plan option. Sober living is a priority, but work and family are also important. There are insurance accepted programs that offer the same substance abuse treatment without living in the treatment facility.

Short term inpatient rehab is a great option for anyone who needs to continue to focus on family and work while also going to a treatment facility. You’ll still be able to have behavioral therapy in an outpatient program, but what makes Manchester outpatient rehab so special is that you’re living in a beautiful place.

Imagine being able to go through intensive outpatient treatment and focus on family as well. Imagine using the outdoors as your treatment facility. Here are some of the outdoor hobbies used during recovery programs in Manchester.

  • Hiking
  • Equine therapy
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Group camping

While life gets busy, it’s important that addiction treatment still remains a priority and the beautiful nature of Manchester can certainly help with that. A Stanford University study found that being in nature has a positive impact on cognitive function. Doctor Gregory Bratman writes “the nature walk resulted in affective benefits (decreased anxiety, rumination, and negative affect, and preservation of positive affect) as well as cognitive benefits (increased working memory performance).”

The facts are there and so is the beautiful Merrimack River, tons of hiking trails and a supportive crew.

Come Check Out a Manchester Treatment Center

Even if you’re still considering going to rehab, come check out New England Recovery & Wellness, Manchester rehab centers and see how you like them. You’ll be drawn to the area near Manchester and understand more why recovery there can be so beneficial.

We have great staff, the beautiful outdoors and lots of people that can relate to you. Addiction and recovery are made simple with this beautiful location.

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