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New England Recovery & Wellness Center is a preferred provider of clinical and holistic addiction and mental health rehabilitation services located in the heart of New England.

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Premier Addiction Treatment in New England

We incorporate a multitude of clinical, peer, and community-based supports in order to best serve diverse needs and aptitudes among our clientele. Our programming at each level of care is designed to create a foundation from which each client can launch a sustainable recovery lifestyle. In addition to individual and group therapy, we offer exposure to an array of recovery support types including: Life Skills Training, Outdoor Adventure, Exercise Therapy, Nutrition Education, Native American Spirituality, Eastern Spirituality, 12-Step, faith-based recovery, and many more.

Principles for Individualized Addiction Treatment

Because so many factors contribute to addiction and recovery, it is impossible to create one standard form of addiction treatment. RAW’s treatment services operate from some basic principles for providing effective care for each client (see more here):

  • Addiction is a biological, psychological, and social disorder; therefore,
  • – Physical, mental, and social needs must be addressed together.
  • – Treatment must be individualized.
  • – Diversifying therapy options increases positive treatment and recovery outcomes.
  • – Medications are vital tools; they must be used as clinically appropriate and managed well.
  • – Substance use must be monitored responsibly.
  • – Health concerns that are outside of our scope of care must be identified and referred out.
  • – Families can recover together.
  • – Positive change is always possible with the right care and motivation.

Addiction is a fatal disease.

Addiction and alcoholism are chronic, progressive, and fatal diseases. Getting help is the first step for you or a loved one to live a beautiful, happy, and productive life.

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