Have you ever head of doctor shopping? No, it’s not the process of searching and selecting the best doctor for you and your specific needs. That’s completely legal. Meanwhile, this doctor shopping is NOT legal. Rather, it’s a crime that not only yields serious legal consequences but helps fuel your loved one’s dangerous drug addiction as well. Keep reading to learn more about what everyone needs to know about doctor shopping. Then, if someone you love is addicted to prescription drugs, make sure to contact our drug rehab in Massachusetts as soon as possible.

What is Doctor Shopping?

Simply put, doctor shopping is the way that prescription drug-addicted patients manipulate the medical system to get as many drugs as possible. This process typically entails going to multiple different doctors and providing false information to obtain their multiple prescriptions. Doctor shoppers do this in many different ways. They may deny receiving previous medications, lie about their symptoms, leave out information, injure themselves on purpose, claim that they lost their old prescriptions or any other form of deception.

People typically turn to doctor shopping for two reasons: either they are addicted to the prescription drugs and/or they want to sell them. However, regardless of the reason behind the doctor shopping, doctor shoppers are breaking the law to either help themselves or others maintain a drug addiction. In addition to all of the psychological, social, and mental consequences, doctor shopping can result in significant fines and even incarceration.

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Know Someone Who Is Doctor Shopping? Our Drug Rehab in Massachusetts Can Help.

If someone you love is addicted to prescription drugs, they don’t need to turn to doctor shopping. Rather, they can get help at our Drug Rehab in Massachusetts before they end up behind bars. Contact New England Recovery and Wellness Center today to learn more.

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