Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its use is a serious problem. Are you scared that a loved one might be suffering from a heroin addiction? If you are, then it’s important to know what heroin is, how it is used, and where you can find a heroin rehab in Massachusetts. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Heroin?

Also known as smack, skag, hammer, H, horse, or gear, heroin is an illicit drug that comes from the opium poppy. Since it slows down the brain and central nervous system, it is in the class of drugs called depressants. Further classified, heroin is part of a group of very strong pain-killing drugs called opioids. Heroin typically comes in the form of a powder. It can be different colors depending on how refined it is. This illegal substance has a highly addictive nature and leads to cravings and intense withdrawal symptoms.

How is Heroin Used?

Heroin is usually injected, smoked, and snorted. It is absorbed into the blood stream and effects the brain and body extremely quickly. A typical heroin abuser uses as many as four to five times a day. While all forms of heroin use are addictive, injecting it directly into the veins provides the highest intensity and most rapid onset of the high.

Where Can I Find a Heroin Rehab in Massachusetts?

If you are looking for the best heroin rehab in Massachusetts, look no further than New England Recovery and Wellness Center. Contact our team of experienced addiction professionals today to learn more.

where can i find a heroin rehab in massachusetts

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