Being addicted to heroin can wreck havoc on both your mind and body. In fact, chronic heroin abuse places your immune system, heart, and several body organs in serious danger. As a result, if you or a loved one is fighting a heroin addiction, it’s essential to seek treatment at a heroin rehab in New Hampshire. What exactly are the long-term physical effects of heroin? Keep reading to find out!

32 Long-Term Effects of Heroin on The Body 

  1. Damaged veins
  2. Bradycardia
  3. Hypotension
  4. Blood poisoning
  5. Reduced sympathetic activity in the vasomotor center
  6. Increase parasympathetic activity in the vasomotor center
  7. Stroke
  8. Arrhythmias
  9. Infection of the heart lining
  10. Infection of the heart valves
  11. Atrial fibrillation
  12. Tachycardia
  13. Tooth decay
  14. Poor nutrition
  15. Increased risk for HIV
  16. Reduced immunity
  17. Kidney infection
  18. Chronic kidney disease
  19. Pneumonia
  20. Respiratory impairment
  21. Abscesses
  22. Open sores
  23. Excessive sweating
  24. Goosebumps
  25. Peripheral edema
  26. Goosebumps
  27. Hepatitis B
  28. Hepatitis C
  29. Liver disease
  30. Lack of saliva
  31. Runny nose
  32. Destroyed nose tissue 

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Seek Treatment at a Heroin Rehab in New Hampshire Today

Avoid these long-term physical effects of heroin by seeking treatment for your heroin addiction. For the best heroin rehab in New Hampshire, look no further than New England Recovery and Wellness Center. Our intimate understanding of recovery allows us to give invaluable guidance to all of our clients. As a result, our treatment program consists of a comprehensive take on recovery, incorporating one-on-one therapy, group counseling educational groups on drug and alcohol addiction, and a guided exposure to 12-Step and other recovery-supportive practices.  Contact our experienced staff today to learn more!

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