Did you know that nearly half of young people who abuse heroin start by abusing opioid prescription drugs? It’s true. This typically starts in one of two ways. Some teens may start abusing prescription pills at a party or with friends because they are curious or think it will help them feel good. Meanwhile, others may start taking it legitimately because a doctor prescribed pills to them following an injury or a procedure. However, no matter how the pill usage began, it can quickly become a heroin addiction. Keep reading to learn more about how prescription drug abuse can lead to a heroin addiction and how our heroin rehab in New Hampshire can help you.

The Journey from Prescription Pill Abuse to Heroin Addiction

  1. You suffer an injury that requires surgery. To help the healing process, your doctor prescribes you painkillers.
  2. After a few months of taking painkillers, you notice that they don’t work as well and last as long. You then start taking more pills than your doctor prescribed.
  3. You quickly run out of your prescription, but still feel like you need it. You begin stealing pills from a friend’s medicine cabinet. You learn that crushing and snorting pills can help you feel better, faster.
  4. You ask your doctor for more painkillers, but he refuses. You can’t find enough pills and begin to suffer from withdrawal. Your friend tells you that they have heroin, which is also an opioid, but no painkillers. You are desperate to stop the horrible withdrawal symptoms so you start injecting heroin.

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